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годунов godunov


Alexander Godunov & the other ballet stars.

Lenny Borger, savior of the silent 'Monte-Cristo’
tanaquil le clerq
tanaquileclerq wrote in godunov_ballet
“I didn’t choose it. It chose me,” Borger says of the film he selected to screen at SFIFF. “It’s a film I’d seen in my travels in 1982 in Prague. I was traveling to look at old films. I spent three days looking at prints, and they had this very incomplete print of 'Monte-Cristo’ that I looked at. I was dazzled by it, but it was only half of the film. I started looking again and found another print in Moscow, which was a French print as opposed to a Czech print. This other print ... had been stolen during the war by the Germans.

“So there were two prints that could be used for the restoration. As it turns out, the Czechs didn’t want to play along with me, and the Russians weren’t very interested … I finally got my way and Arte — the cultural channel here in France and Germany — they came to me and said, 'We want to do a restoration of the film.’ This was in 1999. So we did it. It took a long time. I was appointed a historical adviser, which I was, but I actually found all the materials that were available.
Фильм, снятый в 1929 году, найденный и восстановленный, замечателен помимо всего прочего тем, что в нем...заснята танцующая Ольга Спесивцева!..Об этом не написано нигде, кроме этого любопытного сайта:

Тамже ссылка на танцевальный отрывок на сайте Vimeo в хорошем качестве:


Более полную версию отрывка из фильма можно увидеть на ЮТ:

Все еще сомневаясь, пересматриваю фотографии ОС. Об этим в следующем посте.