November 12th, 2019

tanaquil le clerq

Простая история

"It has been reported that he never got over Bisset and that he died from an alcoholic binge surrounded by photos of her."

'I like people of substance and men who are their own man and a sexy man for me is an interesting one,' she says. 'Alexander was very interesting and an actress once said to me: "I know why Alexander loves you so much - it's because you don't try to change him" and I didn't. He was a handful, but there was a real sweetness there too.'
Godunov passed away in 1995 of complications from hepatitis due to alcoholism, aged just 45, and although it was seven years after they had split up, Godunov died apparently surrounded by photographs of Bisset.
'I read that in the paper but I don't know if that was true,' she says quietly. 'But he did love me and I loved him. That was a very sad tale.'