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годунов godunov


Alexander Godunov & the other ballet stars.

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The Most Unusual DQ I've Ever Seen
tanaquil le clerq
tanaquileclerq wrote in godunov_ballet
It was the one with Natalia Bessmertnova-Kitri & Alexander Godunov-Basilio. Two individualites - so great, so different.

The extraordinarity of Kitri-Bessmertnova started from her costumes. The usual Kitri's colours in BT that time were yellow bordered black in the 1st & 2nd acts and red in the final PDD. Bessmertnova-Kitri jumped onto the stage dressing in some fantasticaly beautiful shade of red included a bit of blue, not violet still - herself so elegant, fascinate. She did not look like a tavern-keeper's daughter, but a romantic Dulsinea from her first entrance, just pretended to be a street girl to test the Old Knight could he identify The Dame of His Dreams.

In the final PDD she was in white tutu with a fine black stripe around; there was a white comb in her lank black hair. She was the Queen of the fest, cool and haughty. Bessmertnova may be was nearer to Spanish spirit than other dancers traditionally showing their temperament in this part. The real Spanish dancers never do it.

Basilio of Alexander Godunov matched her: not a town barber but the disguised Spanish Grandee himself. I don't know then or after another male dancer in BT, that could catch this subject. His first and each next appearance on the stage stired up such an "ah!.." - so beautiful, refined, unbelievable his silhouette was.

Gothically lengthened body lines, jaguar's softness, manly plastic, artistry, full of energy inside, - Godunov created so impressive, striking image.

The both had some special talent of magic, romantic transformation without any overacting on stage.

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"Alexander's Stage Presence & Charisma"...

He was ALWAYS Striking on Stage & Often in Person... One of those People who seem Larger Than Life...

Re: "Alexander's Stage Presence & Charisma"...

Have you seen him on stage live? And what about Tanaquil?

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